Laser Engraving Machines in South Africa


Introducing our New Laser Engraving Machines from Thunder Laser

MaxLaser are proud agents of top-quality laser engraving machines from Thunder Laser. The Thunder Laser systems offer the choice of having glass or metal laser tubes fitted inside the machines. This choice gives our customers the option of specialising in the engraving field when choosing the metal laser tube. Co2 laser machines are perfect for engraving & cutting materials such as leather, perspex, rubber, wood and more. The Thunder Laser system is a well-respected brand globally that is currently trading in over 50 countries worldwide.

Thunder Odin Laser Engraving MachineLaser engraving is a non-contact process that can be utilised on a number of different materials. It is used in a variety of industries, mainly to add information onto parts and components. In case you’re looking for a quality laser engraver in South Africa, you should check out the models available on our online store.

Our laser engraving machines

We offer a range of excellent laser engraving & cutting machines made by Thunder Laser for sale in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban and other city centers nationwide. Their main function is to engrave & cut wood, cork, acrylic, and other materials, they can also be used for marking metals, only when used with a product such as Cermark. These machines are equipped with the latest innovative technology such as hybrid-servo motors, a smart board, dual air-assist system, magnetic honeycomb & more. The Odin series are our best engraving machines because they are fitted with a metal laser tube apposed to a glass laser tube. Metal laser tubes have a smaller beam spot which creates crisp fine detailed engravings. Here are some of the best laser engravers for sale at MaxLaser:

desktop laser machine by Thunder Bolt

Thunder Bolt

Introducing the Thunder Bolt Desktop Laser Machine – the ultimate choice for swift, superior engraving tasks. Powered by an impressive 30-watt metal tube, this machine is engineered for precise engraving, effortless cutting of thinner materials, ensuring your projects are not only high-quality but also completed with unmatched efficiency.

Priced with a 30Watt METAL laser tube

Working size: 508 x 305mm

Engraving speed: 1000mm/s

Cutting speed: 100mm/s

Up & down machine table depth 110mm

Selling price: R129 500 inc vat


R3021 per month over 72  months with R15000 down payment


Selling or repayment price includes:

2 year warranty

Nationwide delivery & remote training

Lifetime support

laser engraving machine


Priced with a 30Watt METAL laser tube

Working size: 559 x 381mm

Engraving speed: 2000mm/s

Cutting speed: 300mm/s

Up & down machine table depth 190mm

LightBurn Camera system included

Starting from R216 000 inc vat


R5304 per month over 72 months with R15000 down payment


Selling or repayment price includes:

2 year warranty

Installation & training in South Africa

Lifetime support

laser engraving machine


Priced with an 55Watt METAL laser tube

Working size: 813 x 508mm

Engraving speed: 2000mm/s

Cutting speed: 300mm/s

Up & down machine table depth 190mm

LightBurn Camera system included

Starting from R329 800 inc vat


R8307 per month over 72 months with R15000 down payment


Selling or repayment price includes:

2 year warranty

Installation & training in South Africa

Lifetime support

laser egraving machines


This model is a desktop machine. Doesn’t come fitted with a stand & wheels like in the bigger machines. Comes standard with the 60Watt laser tube.

Priced with a 60Watt GLASS laser tube

Working size: 600 x 400mm

Engraving speed: 1000mm/s

Cutting speed: 300mm/s

Up & down machine table depth 150mm

Selling price: R159 125 inc vat


R3803 per month over 72 months with R15000 down payment


Selling or repayment price includes:

2 year warranty

Installation & training in South Africa

Lifetime support

laser engraving machines


The standard Nova35 is fitted with a glass laser tube, still will have great engraving quality but now will cut thicker material because it comes fitted with a stronger watt laser tube.

Priced with a 80Watt GLASS laser tube

Working size: 900 x 600mm

Engraving speed: 1000mm/s

Cutting speed: 300mm/s

Up & down machine table depth 230mm

Selling price: R176 890 inc vat


R4272 per month over 72 months with R15000 down payment

Selling or repayment price includes:

2 year warranty

Installation & training in South Africa

Lifetime support

High Speed Motor

Crisp engraving speeds can reach up to 2000mm/s. Will also have smooth cutting edge quality.

smart operating board

Smart Board

Saves electricity by automatically switching on/off the exhaust fan & air pump after each laser job.

dual air-assist system

Dual Air-Assist System

The dual air-assist system allows you to control the engraving & cutting flow.

Auto Focus

Moves the working table up/down until the material you want to cut or engrave is at the correct height.

motorized z-axis

Motorized Z-Axis

Control the z-axis to move up & down from the LCD panel, motorized by a ball screw.

Honeycomb & Blade Table

2 in 1 Table. Industrial honeycomb is magnetic. Blades help to prevent laser chipped edges on acrylic.

Collection Draw

This helps to keep your laser machine tidy by collecting all the small laser cut pieces.

exhaust fan system

Exhaust Blower

Extracts the fumes & debris from inside when the machine is engraving & cutting.

550W air pump

Air Pump

Helps to blow compressed air out by the laser head to help prevent material from burning.

Newly Designed Lens Holder

1.5″ laser head has superior engraving quality & allows for easier access for cleaning.

Metal Laser Tube

Excellent quality beam output and longer lifespan of tube, up to 10000 working hours.


This feature is a protective conductor, to prevent electric shocks and/or fire.

4 inch laser head

4″ Laser Head

The 4″ laser head creates a longer focal length distance than the 2″ laser head. Therefore able to laser cut a smoother & straighter edge on thicker material. For the Nova series.

R2650 inc vat

HR laser head for photo engraving

HR Laser Head

High resolution laser head is made specially for creating the focus laser beam to have a smaller spot size. This will enhance the engraving quality especially for photo’s. For the Nova series.

R5520 inc vat

rotary device

Angle Adjusting Rotary Device

The rotary device is used for engraving cylindrical objects such as glasses ect. Angle adjusting feature now helps to level the engraving plane.

R11500 inc vat

air compressor

Air Compressor

The high pressure & low noise air compressor with built in water separator. Having high air pressure blowing out through the air assist helps with cutting thicker material.

R6650 inc vat

technical specifications for thunder laser machines

* means the laser cannot engrave directly, you will need the help of the “Cermark spray”, you can purchase this product from us

Is delivery included? The price of the laser machine includes delivery to clients nationwide. On delivery of the laser machine our laser technicians will also do installation & training. We will teach our clients how to operate the machine and how to best use the software that comes with it. Please note that design software such as Coreldraw is not included.

What is the warranty on the machines?  2 year warranty on mechanical parts & 1 year warranty on laser tube, air pump, exhaust system & air compressor. 30 day warranty for lens & mirrors.

Is there after sales support? Maxlaser offers lifetime support when purchasing a laser machine. Our technicians can help via whatsapp, video call, teamviewer & telephone. Call out for a technician is also available on the clients account.

What is your return policy? A laser machine is able to be returned & swopped out within 7 days of delivery provided the laser machine is found not to be damaged & is in good working order. There will be a 10% cancellation fee that will be charged. Specially ordered machines can not be returned.

What maintenance needs to be done? Your daily, weekly & monthly maintenance on the machines will be explained on the day of training. Client’s just need to ensure that the focus lens, mirrors, guide rails & bearing are always kept clean. This is an easy process which can take 5 to 10 minutes each day.

Can i repair & service my own machine? Thunder Laser provide an extensive amount of content that is on their troubleshooting page at the Thunder laser main website. All this information will guide the laser operator to successfully change any part that may need to be replaced. MaxLaser will help assist via telephone, whatsapp video calls, zoom or teamviewer. Should the problem be too technical then one of our technicians will come out at the client’s expense.

Sales agreement – MaxLaser does offer the option of the purchaser to pay off the laser machine over an agreed period of months. Once the agreed period of months have been paid for in full, the laser machine will then belong to the purchaser.


Clients who’d like to buy laser engravers from us have the option of making fixed monthly payments over 5 years. We provide this option to help our clients avoid huge upfront costs for the equipment they need.

I have been searching for a quality and decently priced laser for some time and since I have come across the Thunder range I was immediately drawn to it as it has a massive online community and just by reading their testimonials it was clear that you can not go wrong with this brand.  Also for the type of work I do, I required a machine that is able to cut at decent speeds without sacrificing quality.  I have been outsourcing all my laser work and since I got my laser I was able to do everything I wanted at an even better quality than the best suppliers out there.  Thanks Allan for the support and guidance from the beginning, I am extremely happy with my Thunder Nova 51 Laser, will definitely recommend this brand and the service I received from Allan.

Duard Bateman / DB Creative

Interested in learning more about the laser engraving machines for sale at MaxLaser? You can get in touch with one of our representatives by sending us an email or calling 010 534 6996.

laser engraving machines

Odin Series

If you’re looking for more enhanced engraving quality of up to 2000mm/s and most of your work will be laser engraving rather than laser cutting then the Odin series of laser machines is the better fit for your needs. Glass laser tube machines are great if you want to do most of your work laser cutting or if you want to save on your budget.

Why do metal laser tubes engrave better ?

It is advisable to buy a laser engraving machine fitted with a RF (Radio Frequency) laser tube when most of your work will be done engraving. The metal laser tube is also able to cut through materials such as wood, acrylic, rubber, plastic and more. Metal laser tubes specialise in laser engraving because their beam spot diameter is smaller. The smaller the beam diameter the more precise your engraving will be. Glass laser tubes have a bigger beam diameter than metal laser tubes. Metal laser tube lifespan is double that of the glass laser tube and also has superior engraving quality.


What you can engrave with our machines

The laser engravers that we have for sale can be used to both engrave and cut various materials. Feel free to reach out to us in case you’re not sure which laser engraving machine would best suit your business. In the meantime, check out some general information about the materials our machines can be used on:

  • Wooden materials – You can use our machines as wood engravers for a variety of materials, such as paper, pressboard, wood veneer, and more. Laser engravers are incredibly popular in the woodworking industry, which has been growing at an incredible rate due to the development of new technologies. You can use our machines for personalisation, inlays, prototyping, and photo engravings on wooden materials.
  • Fabrics – The laser engraving machines for sale at our shop are excellent for engraving fabrics like leather, cloth, and rubber. If you have a fashion brand and want to place your company’s logo on leather wallets, pouches, bags, belts, or any other type of accessories, you should consider using our laser engravers. You can also use them to engrave various designs on anything from t-shirts to jeans.
  • Glass – Any of the laser engravers you choose from our catalogue will do an excellent job of engraving glass and fibreglass. With our impressive line of laser engravers, you can make branded glassware for your business. Of course, you can use the same process to make branded glasses, mugs, serving dishes, and more for various food and beverage manufacturers, as well as bars and restaurants.
  • Other materials – You can use our machines to engrave many different materials, including painted metals, acrylic, ceramics, marble, tile, anodized aluminium, cork, and more. The possibilities are endless if you order a laser engraver from MaxLaser. These machines are very popular for engraving acrylic awards, medals, plaques, nameplates, trophies.
  • What can’t you engrave – Some of the materials that you can’t engrave with the laser engravers include bare metal. Nevertheless, there is a liquid compound called Cermark spray that allows the machine to make permanent marks on metal surfaces. If you get this spray, you would be able to use the laser on metal materials. It won’t be permanent but can last on the product for up to a few years.

Why buy laser engravers from us?

what is on offer when purchasing a laser cutting machine

2-year warranty

A 2-year warranty on all laser parts is available for all our laser engraving machines. However, if one of our technicians picks up any malicious damage when examining the laser engravers, the warranty becomes null and void.

Free installation & training

We provide free installation and setup of the laser engraving machine to ensure that it’s in good working order. We offer one day training on the laser software along with general maintenance training.

After-sales support

After-sales support is essential so that our clients don’t have any down time problems. Teamviewer, email & telephone support is always available. Technicians will travel upon request to fix any problems that you may have. We also have 50 to 100 troubleshooting videos which can help you fix some of the problems you may encounter.

Engraving materials & products

We also sell engraving materials and products that will help boost your sales. Our aim is always to create a long-term business relationship with each client, which is why we offer both laser engraving machines and materials.

Are you ready to buy a laser engraver today? Find out more about payment details by getting in touch with us via email or calling 010 534 6996.

Other types of laser machines available on MaxLaser

Laser engravers are mostly used to engrave materials like wood, glass, and fabrics. In case you’re looking to use a laser machine on a different material, it’s recommended that you check out some of the other products available on our website. Some of our most popular laser machines include:

  • Laser marking machines – You can find a few different types of laser marking machines on our website, which you can use in a range of applications. You can use them to mark logos on products, add serial numbers on items, and include information on products for security and traceability reasons.
  • Laser cutting machines – You can use laser cutting machines to etch, but, and engrave various different materials. You can use certain machines from this category if you plan to work on thicker materials and increase your production cutting speed.
  • Hobby laser marking and cutting machines – There used to be a time when laser machines were used only for commercial purposes. Thanks to the innovative hobby laser marking and cutting machines available on MaxLaser, that’s no longer the case!

Order your laser engraver today

Each of the laser engraving machines for sale at MaxLaser are very durable and reliable. If you choose to buy a laser engraver from us, you’ll get a 2-year warranty on all laser parts and access to a support team that’ll be there to provide you with professional assistance whenever you need it.

With our machines, you can greatly increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process and save money.

Watch our laser engraver videos

If you have any further questions about these products or you need additional support with something you do not understand, if you have any queries please feel free to call us on 010 534 6996.