Privacy Policy

Max Laser believes that it’s of the utmost importance to protect user data of any person that visits our website. We have a strict privacy policy to ensure that all users feel secure when they’re visiting our site. We take reasonable steps to protect user privacy according to the guidelines provided in the Protection of Personal Information Act. If a user decides to submit information to Max Laser, it is acknowledged that they’ve read, understood, and agreed to be bound by this privacy policy. Users that don’t agree with the terms provided by Max Laser should not use our services.

What type of information does Max Laser collect?

Collecting information from users is essential for us to provide you with our services. When we collect personal data, it allows us to effectively manage supply chains on behalf of our customers. The information you provide us will be used only to provide an excellent service for you.

Some of the data that you may be asked to submit to us include your name, street address, city, postal code, company name, phone number, and email address. In case you need help operating or fixing a problem on one of our machines, we may also ask you to provide a serial number of your product.

The information Max Laser does not collect includes any personally identifying information, such as your government ID number, driver’s license number, financial account number, and social security number. We may ask you to provide a credit or debit card number for the purpose of paying for our services.

Max Laser, and our third party service provides, may use certain web tracking services like cookies to gather technical data about our users. Some of the technical data that we gather include the IP address of your device, the operating system you’re using, your internet browser, and clicking behaviour that you demonstrate on our pages.

Technical data is gathered by Max Laser with the purpose of providing users with access to special information, improving the services that we provide to our customers, and allowing easier contact with visitors for the purpose of developing business relationships.

Your rights

As a visitor and potential client of Max Laser, you have the right to request the information we hold about you and how it is processed. You may also request the correction and deletion of your data according to regulations enacted in the Protection of Personal Information Act. We will use your data to provide additional services (e.g. subscribing you to our mailing list) only with your consent.

In case a user provides consent for the usage of their data for a specific service, they are able to revoke it at any time in the future. If you request us to revoke your consent, we will stop using your data for this purpose. We may pass your personal data to third-party service providers under the obligation that they use it only to provide you a service on our behalf and safely store your information. Once a third-party provides certain services under contractual obligations, they will dispose of your data.

Max Laser may share your personal data to a third party only once we obtain your consent. The only instance in which we don’t need your consent is in case of a legal investigation. In this case, we’re legally required to pass your information onto a third party.

How does Max Laser use the data it collects about me?

Max Laser uses personal data fully in compliance with laws and legal regulations enacted in South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act. That means that personal information gathered by Max Laser is processed lawfully and in a manner that doesn’t infringe the privacy of users. Personal data gets processed by us only if there is an adequate and relevant purpose for it to be processed. We are required by law to retain your information for a certain period of time for the purposes of income tax and audits.

Thank you for taking the time to read our privacy policy. In case you have any questions about our policies or have a specific request, you can call us 010 534 6996 or send us an email at [email protected]