Laser Cutters for Sale in South Africa

Introducing our laser cutters from Thunder Laser

Desktop laser cutting machine

Do you run a business that needs fine cutting to be done? Our laser cutting machines offer the best innovative technology that is available on the market for businesses today — professionally manufactured and exceptionally well built. Our laser cutting machines are also able to engrave non-metal materials, and come with all the latest technology and state-of-the-art features. We are the proudly South African agents for Thunder Laser, renowned for their quality and immaculate attention to detail. All our laser cutting machines come fitted with a professional-grade glass laser tube, which offers top quality at an extremely competitive price.

Whatever the commercial or industrial needs of your business, Max Laser has the right laser cutter for you! If you have any queries or would like to see a live demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 010 534 6996.

Our Laser Cutter product range

MaxLaser offers a wide selection of laser cutting products for businesses, suitable for a diverse range of materials and applications. The products all feature Japanese Oriental Loop Motor Technology with a patented smooth guide rail. Accuracy is no issue, thanks to their excellent beam quality that can engrave 1000dpi.

We have the full range of Thunder Laser products, each offering something new and revolutionary. Read on to find out more about the exciting applications of our laser cutting and engraving machines for your business!

desktop laser engraving machines from Thunder Laser

Nova 24

Working size: 600 x 400mm

Up & down machine table depth 150mm

Starting from: R155 000 inc vat

Priced with 60 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

R4520 per month over 60 months

Nova35 laser cutting machine

Nova 35

Working size: 900 x 600mm

Up & down machine table depth 230mm

Starting from: R165 800 inc vat

Priced with 80 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

R4835 per month over 60 months

Nova51 laser cutting machines

Nova 51

Working size: 1300 x 900mm

Up & down machine table depth 230mm

Starting from: R181 200 inc vat

Priced with 100 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

R5285 per month over 60  months

Nova63 laser cutting machines

Nova 63

Working size: 1600 x 1000mm

Up & down machine table depth 230mm

Starting from: R210 000 inc vat

Priced with 130 Watt glass laser tube

Can be fitted with a metal laser tube

R6125 per month over 60 months



Working size: 900 x 600mm

Up/down machine table depth 250mm

Starting from: R114 500 inc vat

Priced with 100Watt laser tube

Can be fitted with a 80Watt laser tube

R3330 per month over 60 months


Working size: 1300 x 900mm

Up/down machine table depth 250mm

Starting from: R135 000 inc vat

Priced with 130Watt laser tube

Can be fitted with a 100Watt laser tube

R3930 per month over 60 months


Working size: 1300 x 2500mm

Up/down machine table depth 20mm

Starting from: R198 800 inc vat

Priced with a 130Watt laser tube

Can be fitted with a 150Watt

R5798 per month over 60 months



features of our Thunder laser machines

Smart Board System

This smart board operating system can calculate how long a job will take in the time preview function, which helps to quote your client quickly & accurately.

Faster Than Others

High-speed hybrid servo motors, Taiwan made linear guides with Japanese bearings for a maximum design speed of up to 1 meter/second for engraving & 300mm/second cutting speed.

Multi Functional Table Design

Industrial magnetic honeycomb & knife table is a standard configuration. A two way pass-through design is useful for materials that are larger than your working area size.

What our laser cutters can cut & engrave

MaxLaser cutters allow your business to cut, etch and engrave an impressive range of materials. Thunder Laser cutters are able to perform complex and nuanced projects without the need for time-wasting adjustments. 

Their precision means these laser cutters can significantly reduce material loss and costs, which is often a crucial factor in profitability. The table below gives you an idea of the variety of materials that can be cut using Thunder Laser’s cutting machines.

Wooden materials

These include a wide variety of materials like paper, cardboard, cork and wooden materials like MDF, wood veneer and plywood. The applications are many and incredibly varied, i.e. wedding invitations, architectural models, customised packaging, DIY projects, signage, even photo engraving, to mention but a few.

Fabrics and leathers

Laser cutting, with its enhanced operating system and features, bring with it reliability, high precision, repeatability, fast application and stable quality, whilst minimising material wastage. All these factors make it ideal for cutting a wide variety of fabrics and leather. 

Laser cutting won’t fold or twist the leather or fabric either, which reduces damage while ensuring great cutting precision. Edges are sealed during the cutting operation, and your operators will really appreciate the ease and simplicity of the handling process. It is excellent for use on all types of fabric like linen, denim, cotton, nylon, satin, silk, fleece and suede. Laser engraving on leather is another very popular application.

Other materials like acrylics, plastics and rubber

Perspex/acrylic are plastics that are suitable for laser cutting and engraving where it has the added advantage of achieving a great finish for signage, home or office decor and even wedding stationery. Laser machines can engrave and cut text, clipart pictures or logo designs from rubber sheets for rubber stamps, that can be sold for arts and craft, and to corporate clientele. Certain types of plastic products can be used too, such as the 2 colour laminates that we supply which is great for plaques, name badges, signage and more.

Other materials that can be cut with our laser cutters include foams made used for suitcase inserts, padding, packaging for seals, and even artistic applications, such as photograph frames or souvenirs.

What you cannot cut

Unfortunately, there are some materials that the laser cutter cannot cut. This does not mean, however, that these materials cannot be worked on. Metal, granite, and glass are among the few materials that cannot be cut, but our laser cutting machines can still be used very successfully for engraving on these materials. Engraving can even be done on cell phones!

laser cutting machine materials

The only limitation is your imagination! If you’re ready to buy a laser cutter in South Africa, then get in touch now for a free live demo.

Why buy laser cutters from MaxLaser

what is on offer when purchasing a laser cutting machine

As a proudly South African company, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality products from the best brands. Reliability is one of the main things that we consider important when selecting a laser cutter, which is why we are proud to say that the following points are applicable to us:

Attention To Detail

Not everyone knows how to use these laser cutters. We are delighted with the positive feedback received from training clients that indicate exactly how these units work. Since we also sell the materials for the products, we feel that we are making a significant contribution to the growth of the industry.


Quality is the one thing that makes a top laser stand out from the rest of the competition. We focus on finding only the best quality laser cutters, made from durable materials. All laser cutters purchased from us are backed up by a limited 2-year warranty, including additional information on costs to help your business grow.


Not only do we focus on promoting good products, but we also regard good after-sales service as crucial for keeping our clients happy. If you need more of a hands-on approach to dealing with your problem, we offer full support to any client via telephone, TeamViewer, Whatsapp & Zoom.

Expert Training

It is very important to us that you’re able to hit the ground running and enjoy an immediate return on your investment, which is why we offer free training with all our Thunder Laser machines. Additionally, we want your new laser cutter to operate smoothly from day one, which is why we offer free installation to ensure that every component is placed exactly where it should be.

Supporting You To Succeed

Your success is just as important to us as your sale. We want you to succeed and strive to build a long-term plan of cooperation with each and every client. We offer ongoing support and will help with any issues you might experience, as well as being on hand for friendly advice or to answer technical queries.

How to choose the right laser cutter for you

MaxLaser offers four excellent laser cutters to choose from, namely the Nova 24, 35, 51 and 63. Which is right for you will depend on both the size and nature of the materials you intend to work on. 

The Nova 24 mini laser cutter has a 600 x 400mm work surface and fitted with a 60 watt laser tube, which is powerful enough to cut up to 6mm wood and perspex. Also able to engrave on anodised aluminium, glass, tile and more. So if you intend to work on small objects (such as engraving on glassware or cutting ornate stickers, invitations, rubber stamps, promotional gifts) and don’t need to make deep cuts in very hard materials, this is the perfect machine for your needs. 

If you need to work on larger surfaces – such as creating large signage, personalised picture frames or decor, you will naturally need a bigger work surface too. The Nova 35 has a 900 x 600mm working area, as well as a more powerful 80 watt laser tube. This means that in addition to working on bigger projects, you can also make deeper cuts of up to 8mm and engraving detail will still be crisp enough for rubber stamps, promotional gifts and more.

Finally, the Nova 51 and Nova 63 are ideal for large scale items where you want a high production cutting speed, working with thicker materials. Even if you tend to work on small items, the speed of the larger models may make them more attractive for your purposes – while keeping your options open for expanding your range of products in future. The working area size of these machines is great for signage & home/commercial decor.

Not sure which laser cutter is right for you? MaxLaser’s technical experts are standing by to guide you in the right direction or for a free live demo! Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to assist.  

Maintenance tips for your new laser cutter

Now that you have your laser cutter, you also need to keep it in the best possible condition for optimum performance. Here are a few tips when it comes to maintaining your laser cutter & engraver.

  • Regular Inspections: You should regularly do some visual inspections on the machine to keep an eye out for potential wear and tear. Will need to clean your focus lens daily, mirrors weekly & check laser beam path alignment once a month.
  • Liquid Checks: You should always ensure that the x-y axis rails & bearings is lubricated once a month. Oil is provided in the tool box that comes with every Thunder Laser machine.
  • Clean Filters: Keep your filters clean on the exhaust blower & water chiller to ensure that fresh air can comfortably pass through at all times.
  • Cleanliness: Finally, once you are done with the machine, it is important to keep it as clean as possible, especially in the case of wood laser cutters. 

Click here for more maintenance tips from Thunder Laser!

Alternatives to laser cutters you may want to consider

If you don’t have a need for the best laser cutters in South Africa, you might be interested in a laser engraver or laser marker. Laser markers cause deliberate discolouration to the surface of an object (such as creating a ‘brand’ on metal or marking out a design on leather), while laser engravers actually remove a portion of the surface, leaving an indent or etching.

We also offer fiber laser marking machines, which are widely used in the manufacturing industry.    

We provide all of these products with the same help and support that you will receive with the laser cutters.

you’ve found the best laser cutter – what’s next ?

Now that you have found the best laser cutter for your needs, you can check out a few of our demo videos or you can request to see a live demonstration and see them in action!

If you have any further questions about these products or you need additional support with something you do not understand, if you have any queries or would like to see a live demonstration, please feel free to call us on 010 534 6996.