Laser Coders

laser coders to mark all types of material

There used to be a time when only products in the pharmaceutical and food industry were coded with expiration dates. Times have changed, as now products in almost every industry need to be coded with manufacturing dates, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes and other types of codes.

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to permanent coding of text. However, only one option provides you with a contactless, high-quality process – laser technology. Laser coders can be used in a number of different industries and on a wide array of materials. is a website where you can find the best laser coders in South Africa. We offer a wide range of laser coding machines to customers across the country at competitive prices. Would you like to find out more about our products? If so, you should contact us via email or call 010 534 6996.

What is laser coding?

Laser coding represents a process that involves ablation and engraving of a certain material. There are four different technologies that allow you to code products effectively, including thermal, dot matrix, inkjet, and laser printing. Dot matrix printers are often regarded as the worst option because they don’t produce good quality codes.

On the other hand, laser technology is considered to be the best option. You can find different machines that utilize laser technology in order to create an inkless and environmentally friendly mark on a product.

There are some clear advantages to using laser coders compared to any other type of coding technology. For instance, the machines are very reliable, they don’t consume a lot of energy, and are easy to operate. If you decide to order a laser coder in South Africa from us, you will have minimal maintenance costs.

Which materials can laser coders be used on?

Most industries today require digital data entry and permanent coding from manufacturers. It’s essential to leave a permanent mark on foods and beverages, automotive components, medical devices, and many other products. In case you have a manufacturing facility, your best course of action would be to check out our laser coders in South Africa.

Regulatory agencies have made coding mandatory for businesses in nearly every industry. If you decide to order a laser coder from us, here are some of the materials you’ll be able to use it on:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Packaging foils
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Coated metal

There are also other materials you can use laser coding machines on. If you’d like to know how these machines work in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. In case you decide to purchase a machine from us, you can count on us to give you guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Why you should order a laser coder from Max Laser

You won’t be able to find any other company in South Africa with the reputation and product selection that Max Laser has. There are many reasons why people across the country buy laser machines from us. Apart from offering quality products, we can help you with the installation and provide training for using the machines.

You can easily get in touch with our technicians any time you have a question or a problem with your machine. We can give you detailed instructions on how to fix almost any issue via telephone. In case the problem requires the attention of a professional technician, we will send one to your facility shortly.

Each product available on our website comes with free shipping nationwide. In case your budget doesn’t allow you to pay off the whole machine at once, know that we offer financing options. Get in touch with us and we’ll come up with a plan that will make it easy for you to pay off the machine through monthly payments.

Take a look at our wide range of laser machines

One of the main benefits of laser coders is that they provide accurate and high marking quality. They also have a high production uptime and provide durable marking on various materials. There are a few different types of laser machines that can be used for coding, such as CO2 laser markers and fiber laser engravers.

CO2 laser machines have been around for more than half a century due to their effectiveness and low cost of operations. They are used for all applications that require personalization and mass production. These machines come with a CO2 laser tube that contains mirrors on both ends. When electricity runs through the tube, a light beam gets produced.

On the other hand, fiber laser machines are made up of three main parts – the pump, the resonator, and the beam delivery system. Each part has a certain function that is essential to producing a light beam that is used for material coding.

You can also opt for a green laser machine, which is primarily used for coding thermal-sensitive materials like plastics and glass. Finally, you have the option to purchase a UV laser coder, which utilizes cold processing technology to code a variety of materials without the risk of heat damage. UV laser coders are considered to be the best form of marking for different types of plastic products.

Regardless of the machine you purchase, the light beam won’t physically touch the material it’s used on. That’s why coding with laser machines is referred to as a non-contact process. Low power consumption is another outstanding benefit of using laser coders.

Order a laser coder in South Africa

There is a long list of applications of laser coders, but they are most often used for high print volumes. This makes them perfect for food and pharmaceutical products. Compared to other technologies used for coding, lasers are far more reliable and affordable. At Max Laser, you can find some of the best laser coders available in South Africa. Order one today and you’ll greatly improve your manufacturing process.

Every manufacturer could benefit from buying a laser coder. This type of machine can be used on a number of different materials including coated metal, wood, plastic, glass, and more. If you want to purchase a laser coder in South Africa, you should contact us either via email or by calling 010 534 6996.