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MaxLaser is a wholesale company that sells a wide range of laser machines & accessories. Providing all-round laser application solutions to meet the demands of the industry. Our laser machines are professionally manufactured & well built together by high-tech enterprises that specialise in laser markinglaser cleaning, laser engraving & laser cutting.

MaxLaser has years of experience and knowledge in the industry that can help guide you choose the best laser machine for your required specifications.

Are you looking for a semi-automated or fully automated laser system for your production run? Contact us today. We can help create customised laser systems to streamline your industrial productivity.

Think. Create. Cha-Ching.

Laser engraving, cutting & marking machines can be used in a creative space that genuinely is endless with possibilities. Contact us today for a live demonstration; let’s chat about how we can help turn your business idea into reality.


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CO2 Laser Machines

Our Co2 laser machines from Thunder Laser is a brand that is recognized globally. These respectable Co2 laser machines offer laser cutting & laser engraving on materials such as wood, rubber, acrylic, leather and paper, to name a few. We also sell laser materials & products that go hand in hand with our Co2 laser machines.

If you are looking to start a business from home or looking to add another service to your company, then buying a Co2 laser machine is a profitable business idea. If you would like to know more, you are more than welcome to contact us to set up a live demonstration, and have a more in-depth conversation on how we can help you.

Rubber Stamps

The MaxStamp brand of Rubber stamps & accessories has been supplying the South African market since 2010. Our rubber stamps are more robust than our competitors on the market due to our structural design and choice of material components. The brand is currently selling to more than 80 countries worldwide and has sold millions of models globally. We offer a wide range of self-inking stamps & accessories. So if you are looking to offer this product line to your laser business, then you won’t be sorry. Rubber stamps are a profitable product line, especially when you can make five or more stamps a day. I do suggest that the best laser machine to make stamps with is our Thunder laser Nova35 fitted with a 50Watt metal laser tube.

Laser Materials

Our Laser materials can be broken up into two categories which are, 2 colour laminate sheets & MDF boards with veneer & without veneer.

Two colour laminates are available in 1.5mm & 0.8mm. Laminate’s top colour is engraved away, allowing for the bottom layer to show through, marking any design, saying or logo permanent, which can’t be scratched off. Two colour laminates are used to make name badges or tags, plaques, desk nameplates and more.

MDF Boards with veneer and without is available in 3mm & 6mm. Popular amongst the arts & crafts industry. Laser cutting & engraving of wood has a vast range of product idea’s that is simply endless. 

Laser Marking Machines

MaxLaser are proud to offer a Fiber, Co2 or Mopa laser source to fit inside our laser marking machines. Fiber or Mopa lasers specialise in marking on different types of metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, gold and more. It is commonly used in the manufacturing sector for precise markings of a serial number, barcode, QR code & more onto a variety of metal products. Fiber & Mopa laser machines can last up to 100 000 working hours, which is incredible. Fantastic value for money that is currently in multiple numbers of industries.

Laser Cleaning Machines

Laser cleaning machines is new technology that is offering a unique perspective on the way we clean certain materials in the work environment. Laser cleaning machines can clean rust, mould, paint, oil dirt & more on metal & non-metal surfaces. It is a cleaning way without chemical reagent and medium, dust-free and anhydrous. Our machines are easy to operate and is maintenance-free.