Stamp Making Machine

Our imagepac stamp making machine is perfect for entry level rubber stamp makers. Ideal for a home based business or an added product line to your existing company. The stamp making machine can make office stamps easily & quickly in just 5 minutes. Make one self-inking rubber stamp with the sachet or multiple with the A8 or A7 sachet. Compatible with the MaxStamp range of rubber stamps. Make custom stamps to sell online or in store and create your own rubber stamp business and become a profitable rubber stamp maker today !

Stamp making machine

Rubber Stamp Making Machine Price Is Only R6600


The stamp maker kit comes with:

UV light box, 4 A7 sachets, 4 A8 sachets, brush, timer, post exposure tray, 1.9mm clamp and 3 x A4 sheets of ink jet film.

Items you need :

Inkjet printer, scissors, sink or tray with warm water, washing up liquid and a self inking stamp.

stamp making machine

What You Need To Buy Regularly For The Stamp Making Machine

MaxStamp does sell all the accessories and products that go with the stamp making machine. Selling a wide range of self-inking rubber stamps for all possible requirements to all clients around South Africa and Africa. Besides rubber stamps you will need the award winning imagepac sachets, which come in the A7 and A8. Inkjet film sheets for printing negatives and post exposure salts for hardening your stamp in the tray filled with water.

Use With MaxStamp Self Inkers

MaxStamp self inker

Stamp making machine is made for making stamps for the use of self inkers. Its a fast and easy way to make custom polymer stamps. The stamps have a rigid backing so it can be applied directly onto the self adhesive tape on the self inker. The polymer sachets are 1.9mm in thickness and can be used to stamp many types of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, clothing and more.

Preparing The Negative

stamp making machine

The inkjet printer settings must be adjusted to the darkest printing option. Usually selecting “specialty” or “matte” paper and increasing the printing quality will be sufficient. Please keep the imagepac sachets in dark until ready to use.

Select the A7 or A8 sachet that corresponds best to suit your stamp or stamps size. Negative must cover the full area of the sachet and the design must have a 3mm bleed from the edge of the negative.

Design the negative in black and white. To do so you can use software such as CorelDraw, MS Word and more. The text will be white on the black part of the negative. The darker the print on the black part of the negative the better the result of the stamp will be.

Assembling And Exposing Of Polymer Sachet

Warm up the UV stamp making machine by switching on for 1 minute while preparing the components.

Open the clamp by pushing one corner to the side. Assemble the components, the sachet with “imagepac” reading side up. The sachet is on top of the negative. If exposing for A8 size then a mask will be between the sachet and negative to block out excess light. Close the clamp and press down firmly in the middle to level out the sachet.

Slide the clamp into the UV stamp maker with the 6 sec label facing upwards and expose for 6 sec. Then take out the clamp turn it over and re-insert inside the UV stamp maker with the 100 sec label facing upwards and expose for 1 min 40 sec. After 100 sec switch off the stamp maker.

assembling and exposure for the stamp making machineCutting. Washing. Hardening. Mounting.

After the 100 sec’s. Turn off the stamp maker, take out the clamp, open it up and take the sachet out. Cut around the edges just inside the seal. Peel off the loose sheet of plastic and wash the stamp in warm water, mixed with liquid soap. Brush off the excess resin and rinse with water until clean.

Place the stamp in the plastic tray mixed with exposure salts and fully cover under water. Slide tray in stamp maker for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes switch off the stamp maker, remove the stamp from water and dry it.

Trim to size and mount the stamp to a MaxStamp self inker.

 Washing, hardening and mounting from the stamp making machine