Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver Machine

Introducing the most advanced desktop laser cutter engraver machine in the world, the xTool P2 laser machine.

xTool P2 Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver Machine

Get ready to have your mind blown away because this desktop laser machine is by far the best machine of it’s kind in the world. Your creativity is absolutely going to reach new heights with zero limitations. Smarter than ever before this laser machine is just about commercially built but has the capabilities of so much more.

Dual 16MP Smart Cameras

Benefit from top-notch live preview and auto-focus functionalities, effortlessly placing your drawings precisely where you desire. Mastery of xTool P2 is attainable within minutes.

User Friendly Preview

Achieve flawless precision as the close-range camera synchronizes with the laser head, guaranteeing distortion-free imaging. This empowers you to master minute details with impeccable accuracy.

Curved Surface Engraving

Effortlessly tackle curved surface engraving with the automatic construction of flawless 3D models through the xTool Creative Space software, this is a groundbreaking feature. Bid farewell to time-consuming challenges, opening up possibilities for working with a broader range of materials and objects that don’t have to be flat. Engraving on curved surfaces is now a reality

Automatic Conveyor Feeder & Riser Base

The automatic conveyor feeder will unleash the capability to effortlessly laser engrave a 2950mm piece of material, such as plywood, acrylic & fiberboard to name a few. Remove limitations with our automatic pass through feature. Say goodbye to irritating interruptions and misaligned extra-long projects, as the automatic conveyor feeder guarantees seamless processing.

Ascend to greater artistic heights with xTool P2. Engrave objects up to 67mm tall, and elevate your creative possibilities with the riser base, enabling stunning engravings on objects as large as 213mm!

xTool P2 laser machine & optional extra's

Desktop hobby laser engraver cutter machine

xTool P2 Laser machine

R117 800 inc vat

R3730 per month over 60 months

Working area 600 x 308mm

Fitted with a 55Watt laser

Engraving speed 0 – 600mm/s

Riser Base

R10 900 inc vat

Item can be added to the repayment option

Facilitates the laser engraving of items with a maximum height of 213mm, and the rotary device can be conveniently stored on the right side of the riser base.

smoke purifier for desktop laser cutter engraver machine

xTool Smoke Purifier

R6 800 inc vat

Item can be added to the repayment option

The xTool smoke purifier proves to be an excellent option when ventilation indoors is not feasible. Its sealed design effectively prevents smoke leakage.

Automatic Conveyor Feeder For xTool P2

R12 850 Inc vat

Item can be added to the repayment option

Allowing effortless engraving & cutting of items up to 2950mm in length and enabling automatic handling of larger quantities with precision.

Rotary Device

R6 600 inc vat

Item can be added to the repayment option

Innovative 4-in-1 Rotary Device – Unparalleled Versatility and Functionality. Achieve consistently impressive results by effortlessly adapting the structure to various objects.

ThunderBolt Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver Machine

At our store, you’ll find an exceptional selection of Thunder Laser engraving and cutting machines, perfect for anyone in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, or any major city across the country. These machines are not just tools; they’re your gateway to unleashing creativity on a variety of materials including wood, cork, and acrylic. And if you’re looking to leave a mark on metals, pairing these machines with products like Cermark makes it a breeze.

What sets our machines apart? It’s the fusion of advanced technology and user-friendly features. Think hybrid-servo motors for unmatched precision, a smart board for intuitive operation, and a dual air-assist system that enhances your engraving experience. The magnetic honeycomb design is just another example of the thoughtful engineering that goes into every machine.

These are not just any engraving machines. They come equipped with metal laser tubes, a game-changer in the world of engraving. Why? Because metal tubes produce a finer beam spot, resulting in engravings that are not just detailed, but breathtakingly crisp. It’s these small details that make a big difference in the quality of your work.

So, if you’re in the market for a laser engraver, MaxLaser has got you covered with the best of the best. Come explore our range and see how these machines can transform your projects!

laser egraving machines


This model is a desktop machine. Doesn’t come fitted with a stand & wheels like in the bigger machines. Comes standard with the 60Watt laser tube.
Priced with a 60Watt GLASS laser tube
Working size: 600 x 400mm
Engraving speed: 1000mm/s
Cutting speed: 300mm/s
Up & down machine table depth 150mm

Selling price: R167 500 inc vat

Repayment R5305 over 72 months

with R15000 down payment

laser engraving machines


The standard Nova35 is fitted with a glass laser tube, still will have great engraving quality but now will cut thicker material because it comes fitted with a stronger watt laser tube.
Priced with a 80Watt GLASS laser tube
Working size: 900 x 600mm
Engraving speed: 1000mm/s
Cutting speed: 300mm/s
Up & down machine table depth 230mm

Selling price: R186 200 inc vat

Repayment R5896 over 72 months

with R15000 down payment