Brilliance Laser Marking Spray

Brilliance Laser Marking Spray, making a mark that lasts

MaxLaser brings you Brilliance Laser Marking Spray, a high-quality marking spray for laser engraving that ensures that your engraving lasts. This spray prepares your surface to engrave whatever your heart desires with your laser engraver or laser cutter, also available from MaxLaser.

brilliance laser marking spray for metal surfaces

All you need to do is spray your surface with our laser engraving spray, let it dry (you are welcome to hurry it along with a hairdryer), use your favourite laser machine to engrave your design, wash off the excess residue, and viola, you have a professionally marked product that is made to last. 

The markings left by the laser marking spray, after it has been lasered, are permanent, durable and have a high-contrast finish, giving your customer high-quality products that will last. You don’t even have to wait before washing off the residue, the effect of the laser is immediate.

What you can expect with our marking spray

With our marking spray, you can laser engrave several metals including Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and even Brass or Copper with your CO2 and Fibre Laser systems.   

You can go from as basic as using the marking spray for laser engraving an Aluminium or Stainless Steel travel mug with the company logo, to creating an intricate pattern on a metal lighter. The high-quality markings left behind will not wear off easily and are designed to be heat-resistant and durable. 

The metal laser marking spray sold by MaxLaser also provides a crisp finish, giving every product marked with Brilliance Laser Marking Spray a professional and high-quality finish. 

The Brilliance Laser Marking Spray is:

  • Fast and easy to apply 
  • Shake and Spray application 
  • Works on most metals 
  • Leaves a permanent and high-contrast mark 
  • Quick to dry 
  • Has anti-clog technology 
  • Available in two convenient sizes 
  • Available in Red and Black 
  • The best marking spray for metal 

Get your laser marking spray in South Africa today!

Brilliance Laser Marking Spray for laser engraving is the way to go if you want to add a mark that lasts to your products. With this spray, you can add any design to most metal products with your laser from MaxLaser and be assured that it will be a high-quality and durable design. 

The high-contrast images left behind by the best laser marking spray in South Africa are worth investing in as they will last for years to come, giving your company a name for quality engraving.

Give it a try, and engrave designs that last on Stainless Steel travel mugs, Aluminium bottles, Brass Plaques, or even a customised Copper pot. Your only limit is your imagination and what metal products you can find to customise.

As mentioned, it is as easy as spray, dry, laser, and wash off the excess residue, to get a stunning finished product that will last.

Go ahead and give it a try today. You won’t regret trying the best laser marking spray in South Africa, available at MaxLaser, and your customers will thank you for providing them with a good quality engraving.

  • 12oz Brilliance Metal Laser Spray
  • Ideal for marking metals
  • Fast & simple to apply
  • Leaves a permanent, high-contrast, black mark

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  • 2oz Brilliance Metal Laser Spray
  • Ideal for marking metals
  • Fast & simple to apply
  • Leaves a permanent, high-contrast, black mark

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Brilliance metal laser marking spray settings

Whatever the commercial or industrial needs of your business, MaxLaser has the right laser cutter & engraver for you! If you have any queries or would like to see a live demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 010 534 6996.