Financing available on all machines sold by maxlaser

MaxLaser offers a versatile selection of laser cutters, engravers, markers, as well as UV and DTF printers throughout South Africa, establishing us as the preferred supplier of these outstanding devices. No matter the current size of your business, incorporating tools like a laser cutter or laser engraver for signage or wall art, a UV printer for corporate gifts, a DTF printer for personalized apparel, or a laser marker for the jewelry industry can significantly enhance your product offerings and help you tap into new markets, attracting more customers.

We recognize that the initial investment for such equipment can be daunting, particularly for smaller businesses and startups. That’s why we provide innovative financing solutions.

Based on your selected model, we offer a three to six year finance option to make the acquisition of our machines more manageable in cities like Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg.

A minimum down payment is required to benefit from our repayment options for the laser machine you choose. It’s important to note that MaxLaser is not a bank; our financing arrangement operates on a rent-to-own basis.

Summary of our machine finance option:

  • Rent to Own model.
  • Choose between a 3-year (36 months) to 6-year (72 months) term. However we draw up an agreement where you can pay off the machine over a one year period, so we can be flexible with the terms & conditions that will suit the buyer.
  • The 3-year term is generally offered on our Flux hobby laser cutting machines. The 5-year term is offered the desktop laser machines and 6-year term on our Thunder laser machines, laser marking machines, UV printers & DTF printers.
  • You will need to put pay a down payment towards the machine which will qualify you for the repayment option. This will also help reduce the monthly installments. The buyer is more than welcome to put down a bigger down payment, resulting in lower monthly installments.
  • We will require some personal or business information before we can start with the whole process. Proof of address, utility bill, proof of ID & bank statement. If financing will be done through the business then all the necessary business documents will be needed too.
  • Documents will also needed to be filled in which will give us basic information needed to draw up the sales agreement between buyer & seller.
  • Once the completed forms and all required documents have been received, we can proceed with the processing of the sales agreement application.

Benefits of our rent to buy financing offering

Below are some of the advantages of using our rent to buy model:  

  • Cash flow benefit and preservation – no large financial outlay to be made before you can start turning a profit
  • No lump sum payment allows for utilization of cash in your core business
  • Costs fall within your OPEX rather than CAPEX budget
  • No impact on your existing credit facilities
  • VAT is payable monthly rather than upfront
  • All lease payments are fully tax deductible

Choosing the best machine for sale to fit your needs

The most important factors to consider when comparing machines are as follows: 

  1. Application – will this machine offer the service that you require to maintain a high level of quality.
  2. Quality –  you want to work with a quality built machine, to ensure you never have mechanical problems letting you down. They say something cheap now is more expensive in the long run. Here at MaxLaser we couldn’t agree more. Our products may not be the cheapest nor the most expensive, we offer best value for money which usually sits in the middle price range.
  3. Working Environment – We are able to offer alot of machines that can be used at home. Working from home or having a side hustle from home is a huge benefit. The size of our hobby or smaller machines will give you the flexibility to produce top grade quality with the ability to work under limited working space.
  4. Power – The power consumption for most of the machines are minimal. If you have a solar power system installed at your company or home, you will be able to sustain the use quite easily.


Buy a laser or printing machine today and skyrocket your business!

Our laser or printing machines for sale offer exceptional value for money, and unlock tremendous potential for any business. And thanks to our flexible financing options, they are now within reach for any size company.

Remember that our expert staff are always on hand to answer questions, and guide you in selecting the best machine for your needs and budget. Get in touch with Max Laser right now to find out more, or arrange for an exciting live demonstration!