Small Business Ideas

Here at MaxLaser, we can offer great small business ideas to individuals who want to start earning more money working from home. If you wish to start a side business that can be run after hours & eventually full time, or if you are looking to add another product line to your existing business. We have a range of machines to suit anyone’s budget. MaxLaser is offering you another option to think about, another option that can generate decent profits. The beauty of this business idea is that it can also stimulate your creative side. Which we believe is healthy, because this way you may be able to do what you love.


To buy a laser engraving & cutting machine is a fantastic business idea because it is so versatile. You can venture out into the arts & craft industry, the corporate sector, even the events & decor side of things plus more.

small business ideas

MaxLaser is a one stop shop that sells machinery & products that go hand in hand.

Our laser engraving & cutting machines from Thunder Laser are our flagship lasers, they indeed are amazing. They are offering you a choice to have a glass or metal laser tube fitted inside your laser machine. Smartboard operating system allows for time previews & reduces electricity use while working. Multifunctional table design will enable you to use blades or honeycomb tabletop, and all these added features make them a quality outfit. The software is easy to use that doesn’t require much learning, makes them a gem.

so what exactly can these laser engraving & cutting machines do ?

You can make rubber stamps. We sell A4 laser rubber sheets, and each sheet can fit between 20 to 40 rubber stamp designs on them. The text designs are laser engraved & cutout then applied with double-sided tape to the base of the rubber stamp holder. We sell a wide range of MaxStamp holders and accessories that are used for multiple purposes.

small business ideas

Engraving & cutting on 2 colour laminate sheets, can offer multiple uses on a single sheet. How this works is by engraving the top colour layer away, which allows the bottom colour layer to show through. These laser sheets can be used for plaques on awards & trophies, industrial nameplates on machinery, desk or door nameplates, name badges or name tags, labels for events or product display stand, signs, keychains and more.

2 colour laminates for small business ideas2 colour laminates ideas for business

Wedding Decor & Invitations is also a creative touch when using a laser machine. You can source 3mm or 6mm MDF Wood that is plain or veneered, clear or mirror perspex, coloured paper & cardboard to create any desired effect—allowing your creativity to take charge, opening up a world of unlimited possibilities.

wedding invitationswedding decorLaser cutting perspex for signage or plastic fabrication is another popular use. You will need to look for a bigger bed size fitted with a higher watt laser tube. This will allow you to work freely without any limitations. Higher watt laser tubes can cut up to 15mm perspex.small business ideas is laser cutting material for signageCorporate gifts or personalised gifts is another profitable venture. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a gift that can be personalised, which gives a sense of meaning. Writing a message to a loved one on the gift itself is always more meaningful. So adding an engraved message adds to the profit of the gift, you will be making money on the gift and the engraved message.

small business ideas


Buying a laser marking machine is one of the small business ideas that can generate an extremely profitable income stream. Marking on metal materials can branch your business into corporate gifts, branding promotional items, etching into jewellery and more.

small business ideas

MaxLaser is a one stop shop that sells machinery & products that go hand in hand.

Our Max lasers are fitted with fiber laser tubes. These lasers last up to 40 000 working hours, and are just about maintenance free. Making them an attractive investment.