0.8mm 2 Colour Laminates Have Arrived

laser materials

Our 0.8mm 2 colour laminates have arrived, the sheets are perfect for plaques as they are thinner. It doesn’t stick out as much when applied to a wooden award for instance, it looks nearly flush with the product you applying it onto. We brought in 5 different colour sheets, brushed silver on black & brushed gold on black being the most popular. We sell the sheets in full, half & quarter sizes. Full size is 1200 x 600mm, half size is 600 x 600mm & quarter size is 600 x 300mm. To view our whole range of laser materials visit MaxStamp shop or contact us should you have any questions.

What are the different uses for 2 colour laminates ?

These laser sheets can be used for plaques on awards & trophies, industrial nameplates on machinery,  desk or door nameplates, name badges or name tags, labels for events or product display stand, signs and more.