Thunder laser odin series

Odin Laser Engraver Series   

MaxLaser is proud to announce that we import the Odin laser engraver series from Thunder Laser.  

This laser is relatively new to the market and has some features added by Thunder Laser that ensure exceptional quality workmanship.  

These machines have a 100% faster motor system and a 100% smoother guide rail system, designed by their engineers, that match well with the high-speed and high-resolution motor system imported from Japanese Oriental.  

These are just two new features of this incredible laser engraving machine available now in South Africa, thanks to MaxLaser.  

What you can expect from Thunder Laser Engraving machines   

Thunder Laser engraving machines are known for their quality and innovation. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and are one of the top 3 in the U.S. market, with a global reach that stretches across America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.  

As mentioned before one of the unique features is the new guide rail, developed by their engineers. Together with the high-speed motor system, it has less resistance and low noise, allowing the Odin laser series to reach up to 2000mm/s speeds.  

Other features found in the Thunder Laser machines are  

  • RF Laser Tubes  
  • Upper and Lower Vents  
  • Dual Air-Assist System  
  • Eightfold Open-flap Protection  

All of these features give you a laser engraving machine that prides itself on high-quality, high-resolution, and high-speed engraving that puts your safety first.  

The machines are built with basic security devices, with an emergency stop, alarm lamp, earth wiring, and breakers included in every machine. In addition, the eightfold open-flap protection windows provide an extra layer of security to the operator.  

The Odin laser machine can cut and engrave multiple materials including wood, acrylic, leather, rubber, paper, plastic, and many more. You can let your imagination fly, and with the assistance of the adjustable laser power and the proprietary dual air-assist system, you can even try your hand at 3D engraving.  

Although you can work with multiple materials with this laser machine, some you can do more with than others. For example, the Odin laser machine can both cut and engrave materials like leather, wood, rubber, plastic, paper, acrylic, cloth and a few more, but it can only engrave on, and not cut, materials like glass, marble, ceramics, and tile. 

One of the most popular materials to cut and engrave is wood. The possibilities are endless and you can create beautiful and intricate designs with an Odin laser. Some of the products that you can make include: 

  • Ornaments 
  • Photo frames 
  • Gift boxes 
  • Keyrings 
  • Knife handles 
  • Clock faces 
  • Chopping boards 

Your best woods for engraving are Cherry, Alder and Hard Maple. You can also easily engrave on good quality plywood like Birch and Bamboo laser plywood. Fibreboard also known as Supawood is a material that we don’t recommend using for engraving. Technically you can engrave on it, but unfortunately, the quality will not be the same, or up to the standards that can be expected of an Odin laser machine 

Another popular material to engrave and cut, with a laser machine from Thunderlasers, is leather. Engraving on natural leather is a popular way of making personalised gifts including keyrings, wallets, handbags, and even shoes. We do recommend using genuine leather, as using artificial leather does not provide optimum results. 

The Odin Series lasers are designed to offer you technologically advanced service. Depending on the model you choose, it has a table size of up to 899 x 567 mm with a working area of up to 813 x 508 mm, and the material that you are engraving or cutting can be as heavy as 20 kg. That means you can engrave on a decent-sized product without hassle. 

It has a Radio Frequency Laser Tube with a wattage of up to 55 watts (Coherent), and it can laser engrave from 100 to 1000DPI. The resolution is controlled by you, giving you control over the finalized product. 

The speed of up to 2000MM/S can be controlled either manually or with a computer, and the speed and power can go from 0 to 100% using RGB colour mapping. The ventilation system has an integral exhaust fan with one output port, 155 mm in diameter in the rear of the case, and the Odin laser is air-cooled, which causes a lot fewer issues than water cooling does. 

It has a 3.5″ LCD display panel that shows the current file, total working time, laser power, speed, and much more, giving you a good overview of the process and what you are currently working on. It has a buffer memory of 128MB that comes standard, is compatible with several operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and operates in optimized raster, vector, and combined mode. 

If you want to know if it will fit into your workspace, it will only take up a maximum of 1284 x 987 x 1090mm and won’t weigh more than 167kgs. Its electrical requirements are 110 to 240 volts,50 or 60 Hz, single phase, and its interface has an ethernet and USB connection.  

Odin Laser Engravers   

The Odin series of laser engravers by Thunder Laser machines is perfect for signmakers, rubber stamp makers, graphic artists, creative or industrial users, and anyone who is thinking of starting their own business and investing in a world-class laser engraver.   

Through MaxLaser, South Africans now have access to this incredible laser engraving machine from Thunder Laser that provides high-quality and precision engraving.  

The Japanese Oriental motor brings speeds of up to 2000mm/s, while their unique guide rail allows for intricate 3D engraving, and with the built-in RF tube, you can engrave up to an incredible 1000DPI.  

This amazing laser engraver not only provides high-quality engraving but is also safe to operate and easy to set up.  

The eightfold open-flap protection protects the operator and makes machine maintenance a safe and easy task.  

The Odin laser comes with optional accessories to make things even better, like Lightburn Software, WiFi Kits, Rotary Axis, Air Compressor, and Optional lenses to name a few.  

You can install the Rotary Axis for cutting and engraving cylindrical products and make use of the three different focus lenses to ensure perfect results. 

The high-pressure and low-noise air compressor includes two parts: the high-pressure and low-noise air compressor and the water separator, ideal for when working with a co2 laser engraver. 

The CCD camera is loaded on a laser-cutting machine to  

  • Visually identify patterns 
  • Precisely align and cut 
  • Automatically find edges 
  • And much more. 

It greatly improves the accuracy and production efficiency of high-standard cutting. 

The WiFi kit allows you to connect wirelessly to your WiFi network, eliminating the need for ethernet cables, and allowing you to set up anywhere that your WiFi signal reaches. 

The Odin Series laser machines work with Lightburn software. It is a layout, editing and control software that makes laser cutting a breeze. It can: 

  • Import artwork 
  • Arrange, edit, and create new vector shapes 
  • Apply settings like power, speed, cut order, and more 
  • Send the results directly to your Odin laser 

It is designed to work with your laser without the need for any additional software. 

These accessories add to your positive experience with our incredible laser engraving and cutting machines. 

Contact MaxLaser today for more about this fantastic laser engraver and put your laser engraving a step above the rest.