Energy Usage of Laser Machines and What You Need to Know 

Laser machines, available from MaxLaser, are advanced tools used across industries for several purposes, including precision cutting and engraving. They operate by emitting a focused and intense beam of light, which can engrave or cut through materials with exceptional accuracy. One crucial aspect that significantly influences the performance and efficiency of laser machines is the power they utilise. The power usage of the laser machine depends on the wattage of the glass laser tube and the power settings selected for the engraving or cutting. 

The wattage of the laser cutter affects the speed at which it can cut and the thickness of the material that it can cut through. The more powerful the machine the faster it can cut, and the thicker the material it can cut through but also the higher the laser cutter’s power consumption. 

Power Usage of Laser Machines 

At MaxLaser we have several models of Laser Cutters available with a variation of power usage. We have the Nova 24 which has a 60 Watt glass laser tube, which works well for engraving and can handle some cutting. If you want to focus on cutting then we recommend a laser cutter with a wattage of 80 Watts or above like our Nova 35, Nova 51 or Nova 63, which has a 130 Watt glass laser tube. 

The power consumption of a laser cutter does not just depend on the wattage of the laser beam, other factors also come into play. 

  • Laser Cutting Time 
  • Amount of laser power used 
  • Extra Equipment 

You will notice that although a project might take you an hour to complete, about 20 to 50% of that time is spent prepping the material, loading, and unloading the laser. So technically, you are only using the laser’s power while you are actively cutting or engraving.  

You also won’t be cutting at 100% for every project. Some projects like cardboard cutting use lower settings, and therefore less power. 

Something that might increase your power usage is the use of an exhaust system, or cooling unit, which is required for some high-power laser cutters.  

Knowing your machine’s power usage 

Different laser cutter machines come with varying power options to suit different applications and materials. The power consumption of a laser cutter is typically measured in watts (W) and can range from relatively low to rather high levels. Your choice of laser cutter power depends on the type of materials you’ll be working with, the thickness of those materials, the desired cutting speed, and the level of precision required. 

Now we know that it might be difficult to know off-hand which laser cutter machine you should be getting from MaxLaser, but we have some good news for you. There are laser cutter power guides that can help you to choose the perfect laser cutter for you. With the guide, you can look at the materials you want to cut, and together with the thickness of the material, you will be able to choose the perfect laser cutter for you and indicate at what power level you should be cutting for optimal output. 

Adjusting your machine’s power 

The chances are good that you will want to cut several different materials and the great news is that you can without having a laser cutter for each type of material. The solution lies in your power settings. You might have a 100-watt laser, but you can adjust the power settings on a laser cutter so that you can cut at any power level up to 100 watts. 

This means that you only have to consume the amount of power needed for a specific project. This also comes in handy, as certain materials need to be cut at higher levels of power for a quality cut, while others, like paper, need to be cut at a lower level to prevent burning. 

It is very easy to control the speed and power of your laser cutter and it can be done either manually or with your computer. Depending on the model you are using, you should find the speed and power keys on the main interface. 


A laser machine is the perfect addition for the entrepreneur who wants to expand into corporate branding and personalised gifts. You can look at a laser cutter power guide to pick the perfect high-power laser cutter from MaxLaser that will fit your needs. Then all you need to do is determine the power level at which you need to cut or engrave with the laser, adjust your settings manually or with your computer, and you can cut and engrave to your heart’s content. 

Contact us today to find the laser cutter that will suit your power consumption needs.