Laser Supplies

Introducing our range of laser supplies for the laser cutting & engraving machines

Our goal is to offer an abundance of laser supplies to the market over the coming years. The MaxLaser team feels a sense of pride & wanting to help inspire small to medium businesses thrive & create as many innovative ideas with their laser machine by supplying top quality products at the most competitive prices to the market place. With your support, we can grow our range of laser supplies to fulfill your creative business ideas. Keep an eye out for this section of products, as it will, without a doubt, keep expanding.

rubber stamp laser supplies
laser supplies from maxlaser online shop

Our laser supplies product range

MaxLaser currently stocks the following product range, which will help all laser makers create a viable income stream when used with their laser machine. For help with settings or how to do, please contact us. If you would like to place orders, then you can do so in our shop section.

  • MaxLaserMark
  • MaxStamp
  • MaxBeautySub
  • MaxBeautylic
  • MaxLaserBright  (Coming soon)


MaxLaserMark is a two colour plastic type of material that is layered, one colour at the bottom & another on top. The top colour layer is engraved away to allow the base colour layer to show through, creating a nice engraved contrast for a client to see. These sheets of material come with a protective covering to prevent scratches. However, when wanting to use the material, place the two colour laminate on the honeycomb. If your honeycomb is magnetic, adding magnets on top of the sheet to keep it flat & in place is a big help. It is advisable to laser cut this material with a protective covering to help prevent any burnt edges. Once laser-cut, peel off the protective cover to be engraved. Getting the correct laser engraving setting is crucial because you don’t want to create a burn around the engraved area.

MaxLaserMark can be used for name badges, plaques, hotel signs, school signs, desk name plates, business cards to name a few.

laser supplies from maxlaser online shop


MaxStamp is a brand of self-inking rubber stamps in the South African market for over a decade. They are trusted and reliable to give you the most professional impression time after time. MaxLaser stock the full range of rubber stamps. To make a rubber stamp, you need an A4 laser plate sheet and some rubber stamp holders. Laser plates which are hardened resin, are the best way to engrave & cutout a text. The text then to be mounted to the base of a rubber stamp holder with double-sided tape. Laser plates are quicker to engrave through & during the engraving process, the sheet expelled less dust, helping to keep your laser machine bearings & rails cleaner. Laser machines fitted with a metal laser tube will have a more crisp impression on smaller font than laser machines equipped with a glass laser tube. Maxlaser sells laser machines equipped with a glass or metal laser tube. Making rubber stamps is a profitable line of income, adding value to your laser business.

rubber stamp laser supplies


MaxBeautySub is sublimation blank MDF boards. These boards are 1200 x 600mm in size, and available in 3mm & 6mm. Creating a beautiful image with such rich colours after transfer that can be laser cut to any design or shape. You can make keyrings, name badges, hotel signage, home decor, cellphone stands, puzzles and more on a single board. Mixing sublimation printing with a laser machine is what makes this product so exciting to work with.


MaxBeautylic is sublimation blank acrylic sheets, that are 1200 x 600mm in size & are 5mm thick. The picture or design shows such amazing colour & depth on acrylic. Gives a sense of class & elegance to the finished product. The acrylic sheets can be laser cut to any shape or design for sublimation print transfer. Ideal for creating name badges, keyrings, hotel sinage, home decor, puzzles, wedding pictures and more. What’s even more exciting is the fact that these acrylic sheets, are able to be bent using our acrylic bend mold machines.