MOPA Laser Markers

If your business manufactures electrical components, smartphone parts, jewellery, building materials, plastic products, automotive spare parts, medical instruments, or packages for food and beverages, you could greatly benefit from using a MOPA laser engraving machine.

A MOPA laser has many applications and can be used to mark logos, inscriptions, symbols, patterns, qr codes, serial numbers, barcodes and company emblems on various materials. The incredible precision with which a MOPA laser marking machine is designed allows it to be used up to 40 000 hours before any breakdown.

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What are MOPA lasers?

The term MOPA is an abbreviation that stands for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. The MOPA laser marking machine consists of two gas discharge chambers. The first is referred to as the master oscillator, and it generates light with a low amount of energy in a tight spectrum.

The generated light then passes through the second gas discharge chamber, called the power amplifier. The purpose of this chamber is to amplify the beam of light that passes through it so that it can create a powerful output. This allows MOPA laser marking machines to effectively engrave your designs on a number of different materials and surfaces.

types of MOPA laser marking machines

There are three different types of MOPA laser markers that we have for sale in South Africa. Both come with air cooling and come with additional add ons. Here are your choices if you decide to purchase a MOPA laser marker from MaxLaser.

fiber laser marking machine

Portable Type


R148 500 inc vat

R4331 per month

over 60 months

laser marking machine

Enclosure Type


R196 700 inc vat

R5737 per month

over 60 months

laser marking machines

Aurora Type


R200 300 inc vat

R5842 per month

over 60 months

mopa laser marking machine

Desk Type


R161 300 inc vat

R4704 per month

over 60 months

Optional extra’s

  • Focusing lenses | 100mm | 200mm | 300mm
  • Rotary devices
  • Watt sizes | 20Watt | 30Watt | 50Watt

The laser source found in both machines is able to last up to 40 000 working hours without any maintenance required and provides excellent marking results.

Are you interested in buying a MOPA laser marking machine in South Africa? If so, you can reach out to us and we’ll set up a free live demo to show you what makes these machines so special.

MOPA laser applications

MOPA laser markers have applications in many industrial processes. Here are some the ways they’re most commonly used:

  1. You can use a MOPA laser marker to make markings on jewellery, like bracelets, rings, and pendants.
  2. Due to its incredibly small pulse width parameter, this machine is a great option if you’re looking to mark alumina, a material widely used in computers and smartphones.
  3. You can use a MOPA laser marking machine to put your company logo on plastic packages.
  4. These machines are of high importance in the dental and medical industries, as they can effectively make marking on surgical instruments and medical tools.
  5. MOPA laser markers are often used to make markings on automotive spare parts.

Advantages of MOPA laser markers

MOPA lasers are considered to be one of the finest machines among laser markers. Although the list of industrial applications a MOPA laser marking machine has is quite impressive, there are also other features that make it particularly popular:

  1. MOPA laser markers allow you to automate the process of colour etching, which can greatly reduce the time of work execution and provide quality results.
  2. When you’re marking plastic, a MOPA fibre laser will ensure minimal foaming by supplying the right amount of heat to the material. Some marking machines can cause quite a lot of foaming when marking plastic because they project a high amount of heat.
  3. MOPA laser markers allow you to make colour marking with high contrast, which is something a lot of other systems can’t do. However colour marking can only be done on stainless steel.
  4. What’s great about MOPA laser marking machines is that they have a controlled heat feature, which prevents the melting and burning of materials they’re marking.
  5. There is no maintenance required when you buy a MOPA laser system. As long as you use it correctly, it should last you around 5 to 7 years before you need to replace any parts.

Looking for a different laser marker?

Although you can find excellent MOPA lasers on our website, we understand that some of our customers have other needs or preferences. That’s why we also have a selection of other marking machines that are based on different technology. 

Nevertheless, each of the following marking machines has numerous applications and provides outstanding speed and precision:

  • UV Laser Marking Machines – While you can use our MOPA lasers to work on countless materials from iron to platinum, UV laser marking machines are a far better option if you want to mark plastic and glass.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines – These laser markers are the perfect solution if you need to mark materials other than plastic. You can use them on wood, leather, perspex, glass, rubber, and paper surfaces.

Green Laser Marking Machines – These machines allow you to make quality marking on reflective materials because they are designed to work in the visible light spectrum at 532 nanometres, are great at marking plastic materials.

Start marking with your MOPA laser today

The laser marking machines that we offer are incredibly durable and won’t require any maintenance for a long time. If you’re interested in buying a laser marker in South Africa, you should check out the range of products on our website. 

Apart from MOPA laser marking machines, Max Laser also offers other impressive technology that can help your business save money and improve the quality of your products.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with more information regarding our laser marking machines. You can easily get in touch with a Max Laser representative by sending us an email or calling 010 534 6996.

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