Green Laser Markers

Green laser marking machines were created specifically for marking highly reflective or thermal-sensitive materials. The technology behind this type of machine involves using a 532 nanometre wavelength to perform precision marking.

The materials you can mark with a green laser react poorly to other wavelengths, which is why this type of machine is your only option in some cases. Green laser marking machines are often used on a variety of glass and plastic surfaces.

Max Laser is the perfect place to buy a laser marking machine for your business in South Africa. If you decide to get one of our green lasers, you’ll be able to enhance the quality of your products and reduce manufacturing costs. In case you’d like to know more about our laser markers, send us an email or call
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How do green lasers work?

This type of marking machine operates in the visible light spectrum at 532 nanometres. The wavelength of 532 nanometres is green in the visible spectrum, hence the name green laser. You can count on these machines to provide excellent marking results. They have a notable absorption rate for various materials, and can be even used to mark metals like copper and gold.

What’s interesting about green laser markers is that they feature a narrower beam diameter compared to other types of marking machines. This allows them to achieve extremely high precisions. Since they’re arguably the best solution for micro-marking, green lasers are usually the favoured marking machines among manufacturers in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

Green laser marking machine applications

Green lasers are capable of making micro-markings on materials. More specifically, they can mark in fonts smaller than 1 millimetre with widths of up to 10 micrometres. Due to this amazing feature, green laser markers have many applications in the electronics industry. Here are some of the most common applications of these machines:

  • Identification on electrical components.
  • Marking sizing information and part numbers of hardware.
  • QR code marking on various components.
  • Micro-marking identification and labelling for electrical wires.
  • Surface marking of glass products like LCD and smartphone screens.
  • Marking magnetic cards with barcodes and logos.

The benefits of using green laser markers

There are a few different features that make the green laser marking machine such a reliable solution for many manufacturing companies, such as:

  • Green lasers can be used to make markings on materials that are sensitive to heat. That’s because it doesn’t generate heat that can damage sensitive materials.
  • You can use green laser marking machines to make markings on a variety of materials, from raw plastics to gold.
  • These machines are designed to work in speedy industrial environments where vibration, dust, and shock are frequent occurrences.
  • Once you buy a green laser marker from us, you’ll be able to use it for years to come without any maintenance.

Our green laser marker range

The MAX-GL-10D green laser marker series is one of the best of its kind. It features a 110×110 mm marking field size and a high performance digital galvanometer scanner that provides excellent marking speed and precision.

You can use any of the green lasers from this series for precision marking, and micro machining various materials, like plastic, glass, semiconductor silicon wafer, IC grain, textiles, sapphire, and more.

There are two different green laser marking machines types that make up the Green Laser series. MaxLaser offer the desk type & the enclosed type, both units are fitted with a 10Watt laser source.


Desk Type

R267 000 inc vat

R7787 per month over 60 months

laser marking machine


Enclosed Type

R303 600 inc vat

R8855 per month over 60 months

Max Laser offers other types of laser marking machines

At MaxLaser, we are focused on providing our clients with the best laser marking machines in South Africa. Green lasers represent just one type of marker available on our website. Here’s what we also offer:

  1. Fiber laser markers Fiber laser marking machines are used in numerous industries mostly for making permanent marks on metals and some plastics.
  2. MOPA lasers – You can rely on MOPA lasers when you want to mark metals like aluminium, steel, silver, gold, and platinum without doing any damage to them.
  3. CO2 laser marking machines – The technology behind CO2 laser markers allows you to effectively mark non-metal materials like paper, wood, rubber, and plastic.
  4. UV laser markers – These machines are an excellent solution for micro-marking and are often used to mark glass and plastics.

Order a green laser marker in South Africa today

If you decide to get one of the green lasers available for sale at MaxLaser, you’ll receive a powerful machine that’ll allow you to efficiently mark a variety of materials. These machines feature outstanding technology and design that enables them to work for a long time without any maintenance required.

You can use a green laser marking machine for a number of purposes, including product traceability, labelling, and identification. A green laser marker is the ideal solution for marking materials that require low thermal transfer.

In case you are interested in learning more about how you can use green laser markers to your advantage, you should get in touch with us. You can find out more information about our selection of laser markers by either sending us an email or calling 010 534 6996.

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