Fiber Laser Marking Machines


Laser marking is a permanent process that usually involves making permanent marks on metal parts. It can be used on aluminum, iron, stainless steel, other types of metal, and some plastics

Due to their ease of use and the government regulations regarding clear part identification, the popularity of laser marking machines has grown tremendously over the last several years.

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What are fiber laser markers?

Fiber laser markers can make a permanent mark on the surface of all metals. These machines are made up of three main parts – the beam delivery system, the pump, and the resonator.

The pump of a fiber laser marker contains laser diodes that emit a light beam that is then transmitted to a resonator through fiber optics. The resonator comes with a set of full and semi-reflecting bragg grating components. These components are able to convert the light waves into the right wavelength needed for marking.

Once the light reaches the right wavelength, it’s then transmitted to the beam delivery system, which does the marking. Fiber laser marking is a non-contact process, meaning that it only affects the area that is being marked.

Our fiber laser machine range

Max Laser offers some of the best fiber laser marking machines available on the market today. If you’re in manufacturing, you can benefit from using any of the following machines:

fiber laser marking machine

MAX-FL-20P Fiber Laser

This machine is fitted with a 20 Watt fiber laser that is mainly used to mark the surface of aluminium, stainless steel, and some types of plastic.

fiber laser marking machine

MAX-FL-30P Fiber Laser

Fitted with a 30 Watt fiber laser, this machine is used to do deeper marking on metals. It is also faster and more durable than the MAX-FL-20P fiber laser.

fiber laser marking machine

MAX-FL-50P Fiber Laser

This marker is fitted with a 50 Watt fiber laser and is mainly used to do deep marking on materials like gold, silver, and brass. It is a great option for any business in the jewellery industry.

Regardless of which machine you choose, it comes with air cooling, a 100×100 millimeter marking field size, and a laser source that can last up to 40 000 working hours

In case you decide to order a fiber laser marker in South Africa from Max Laser, you’ll get a machine that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

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What you can make with fiber laser markers

Fiber laser marking machines are used in various industries and represent an important part of most heavy manufacturing processes. Here are some of the prime examples of where fiber laser markers are used:

  1. They are commonly used in the semiconductor industry to mark parts found in various electronic devices.
  2. Fiber laser markers have had a huge impact on the dental industry, as they allow for all dental tools to be easily marked and traceable.
  3. You can use fiber laser marking machines to mark tiny components, which is why they have become incredibly important in the battery industry.
  4. Similarly to how they’re used in the dental industry, these machines are also important in the medical industry for marking surgical instruments.
  5. Both the automotive and aerospace industries use fiber laser markers to mark various pieces of metal equipment.
  6. They are also commonly used in the jewellery industry to create unique marks to brand items or personalize jewellery pieces like wedding bands.

Why fiber

There are several different types of laser marking machines available today. Each type comes with its own set of benefits. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider buying a fiber laser marker from Max Laser:

  • Unlike laser engravers, when you use a fiber marking machine it won’t strip away any material it’s working on. The way fiber marking works is by heating up a selected area of a material, causing it to oxidize. This process changes the color of the material beneath the surface and leaves a permanent mark.
  • It’s easy to change the settings and requirements to adapt between different projects and materials.
  • One of the best things about fiber laser marking is that it’s an environmentally friendly process. It works perfectly without having to use any of the chemicals common in other marking methods.
  • The fiber laser markers we have available in South Africa don’t require any maintenance.
  • These machines are able to make high-quality marks of various sizes. Even if you require an extremely small mark to be made on a metal or plastic part, you can count on a fiber laser marking machine to do the job.

Check out our other laser marking machines

If you’re interested in other types of laser marking machines, we probably have exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of the other laser marker systems available at Max Laser:

Mopa laser marking machine

MOPA Laser Markers

MOPA stands for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. MOPA laser marking machines are amazing in terms of flexibility, as they allow you to easily adjust laser parameters. They come with a master oscillator that creates a beam of light and a power amplifier that increases the beam’s output power.

green laser machine

Green Laser Markers

Green laser markers are machines designed to handle marking in the semiconductor and solar industries. Since they operate in the visible light spectrum at 532 nanometers, they are perfect for marking highly reflective materials.

green laser machine

UV Laser Markers

These machines are commonly used for marking materials like glass and certain types of plastics. UV laser marking machines are also a great solution if you want to do marking on very small areas.

fiber laser marking machine

CO2 Laser Markers

If you’re looking to do marking on non-metal materials, you should check out our CO2 laser markers. You can use them to mark items made out of paper, rubber, ceramics, glass, and wood.

Order your fiber laser today

At Max Laser, we sell fiber laser markers that can be used for various applications. In case you want to mark plastic or aluminium, we have machines with a 20 Watt fiber laser perfect for those materials. If you need a machine that’ll mark hard metals like gold and silver, we offer machines with 50 Watt fiber lasers.
Regardless of your needs, Max Laser can provide the perfect fiber laser marker for your business in South Africa.

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