Handheld inkjet printers

Introducing our new portable Handheld Inkjet Printers that are a stable high-cost performance product. The new H3 is a Hand-held inkjet printer that marks documents and or products simply and quickly. In addition to number, date, time
and text, this device can also print graphics and bar codes. Small and lightweight, the ergonomically designed handles are cushioned, anti-slip and very comfortable.


  • Flexible and convenient handheld, small and lightweight.
  • Durable and legible print on uneven surfaces under inconstant moving speed, inside encoder to detect the displacement.
  • Efficient lithium battery runs over 10 hours after charge battery and it works in charge status.
  • Maintain easily thanks to modular structure design.
  • The big touch screen uses 5-inch large colour touch display, more sensitive and the display range is larger.
  • Multiple printing choice: one message can be edited in different sections and be printed in different lines; Characters height could be adjusted; the Maximum print height 12.7mm
  • Stable quality: CE certification, MSDS.
handheld inkjet printer

Handheld Inkjet Printers Parameter List

  • Ink volume: 42ml (usually can print 800,000 characters)
  • Printing accuracy: 600dpi
  • Printing speed:80m/min
  • Printing height: 1.2mm – 12.7mm
  • Spray nozzle: Original imported HP thermal foaming spray nozzle
  • Automatic print: Date, time, batch number
  • Printing pictures: All kinds of logos, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk
  • Voltage/Power: DC16.8 lithium battery / ‚ȧ5W (10-20 hours working)
  • Operation Menu: Android system(easy operation)
  • Printing line: 1-8 lines (adjustable)
  • Printing distance: 1-10mm Mechanical Adjustment (best is 2-5mm)
  • Ink colour: Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible

handheld inkjet printer with a case

 Characteristics Of Our Portable Printer

Main Features: ABS + PC plastic body, colour touch screen machine size: 150mm long x 1100mm wide x 180mm high.

Spray Printing Direction: 360-degree all-round code printing, no matter forward, up and down, to meet production needs.

Inkjet Printing Library: Built-in national standard full font library, Pinyin input method, touch online editing, no need to connect to the computer, easy to operate.

Jet Printing Font: High-definition jet printing font (i.e. print) dot-matrix font, built-in multiple Chinese and English fonts.

Spray Printing Pattern: Various trademark patterns can be sprayed, and the pattern can be imported through U disk.

Printing Precision: 600dpi (high definition) printing lines: 1 to 15 lines adjustable.

Accessories In Common Use

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