MaxLaser Is Proud To Introduce Our New Range

Of Laser Marking Machines

Our Fiber or Mopa laser marking machines from MaxLaser, offer a range of different machines to suit your every need. Perfect for marking serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, logo’s, text charachters and more on metal and other surfaces.

laser marking machines

What are the advantages of our Laser Marking Machines ?

Our laser marking machines comes fitted with a Fiber or Mopa laser, and one of the advantages is that they are hassle-free, the laser tube has a working life of up to 40 000 hours which is maintenance-free. The general lifespan of our machines is ranging from 5 to 7 years. Our lasers have an excellent beam quality to achieve high precision marking effects on metal materials. Their integrated Galvo-scanner & optical system can reach marking line speeds of up to 14000mm/s. Perfect for engraving & marking on metal materials such as gold, stainless steel, aluminium and more. Engraving machines at its best.

When purchasing a rotary device, you will be able to mark on cylindrical objects, such as rings, tools and more.

For more information about our laser marking machines and which will best suit your line of work, contact us today and speak to one of our sales consultants to book a live demonstration on 010 534 6996.

fiber laser marking machine

Closed Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Starting from R158 500 ex

fiber laser marking machine

Hand-Held Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Starting from R141 100 ex

3D Dynamic Focus Laser Marking Machine

Starting from R235 000 ex

fiber laser marking machine

Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Starting from R118 000 ex

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fiber laser marking machine


Rental Asset Plan Is Available

We now offer a rental asset plan, which essentially means that we will continuously rent out our laser machines to our clients & every five years we will replace the current laser machine with a new one. No more capital outlay or worry if the laser machine will start to breakdown after the fifth year.

2 Year Warranty

A 2-year warranty on all our laser parts is available for all our laser machines. However, if one of our technicians pick up any malicious damage to the laser machine, then the warranty becomes null and void.

Free Installation & Training

Free installation & setup of the laser machine, ensuring that the laser machine is in good working order and ready to start. We offer 1 to 2 days training on the laser software along with general maintenance knowledge.

After-sales Support

After-sales support is essential so that our clients don’t have any downtime problems. Teamviewer, email & telephone support is always available. Technicians will travel upon request to fix any issues that you may encounter.

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